Property Management Software. Creating More Value With Less Work.

The easy & smarter way to communicate with residents and manage your properties. Highrisepro helps you cut paperwork, save time and better serve your owners and tenants.

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3 key reasons why you should use Highrisepro

Managing condominium or gated communities can be a tough job. You’re always chasing down maintenance problems,  keeping up with the paperwork while being expected to attend to tenants, owners and supplier requests in a timely manner. Thats is why we have created Highrisepro, to help you do more with less work.

  • Satisfied Home Owners & Tenants

    Residents feel better informed, connected and well taken cared of by the building management with instant notifications & status updates via SMS and Email

  • Convenient for Residents & Less Work for Property Managers

    Residents feel better access to the building management & overall service with online access to data, electronic payment and much more, 24/7. Reduced foot traffic & lesser phone calls to the management office.

  • Streamlined Management With Real Control

    Building managers can now accept and respond to maintenance requests & facility bookings online. Get more tasks managed and resolved in less time.

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